Canada's Federal Biodiversity Information Partnership

The Federal Biodiversity Information Partnership (FBIP) is an informal group of federal departments and agencies committed to increasing the value and use of biodiversity data held by the federal government. The primary areas where such data is found are associated with specimens in taxonomic collections and observational records mainly originating from surveys and monitoring programmes. The partnership works to improve internal cooperation and broad public access to the data and encourages its application in resolving complex multidisciplinary issues of importance to Canadians. Examples of such issues include effects of climate change, spread of disease pandemics, economic impacts of invasive and other pests on forest and agricultural productivity, and public security.

Membership varies, but a core of partners provides the leadership and holds most of the biodiversity resources and data for which the federal government is responsible. This core group includes Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Fisheries and Oceans, Environment Canada, the Canadian Museum of Nature, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Public Health Agency of Canada and Parks Canada. Each contributes to the overall integrated purpose and in return benefits through increased efficiency of access to the resources of other partners. This limits duplication, increases integration of data to resolve problems, and encourages making data available in formats that are useful and available to all Canadians.

FBIP works closely with Canadian universities, environmental non-governmental organizations NGOs and other groups interested in preserving biodiversity data and utilizing it to the greatest benefit possible for Canada. In this way biodiversity data from all sectors of Canadian society can be put to common use and made sharable and accessible to those who need it.

FBIP also serves as a focal point for international cooperation in setting standards for the free and open access to biodiversity data worldwide. This helps Canadians access data held abroad that is important for resolving issues of domestic importance to health, trade, food quality, environmental conservation, sustainable use of natural resources and national security.

By helping increase access to biodiversity data from across Canada and the world FBIP provides an important service to Canadians, to their health and well-being and the long-term sustainability of the Canadian environment.

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