Descurainia pinnata

  • Scientific name: Descurainia pinnata subsp. brachycarpa (Richardson) Detling Amer. Midl. Naturalist 22: 509. (1939).
  • Basionym: Sisymbrium brachycarpon Bot. App. Franklin's Narr. Jour. Polar Sea: 744. (1823).
  • Synonyms:
    • Descurainia pinnata var. brachycarpa (Richardson) Fernald Rhodora 42: 266. (1940).
    • Common name: green or short-fruited tansy mustard


Additional Information:

  • Chromosome numbers: n = 7; 2n = 28
  • Canadian status: native
  • Lifeform: annual
  • Ecology: rarely to sub-arctic: dry fields, grazing areas, slopes, bluffs, gullies, saline flats, dried-up sloughs, stable dunes, lake and stream margins, cliffs, beach; ballast, sand, gravel, rocks, clay, grass, moss; roadsides and railways; weedy