Draba lactea var. lactea

  • Scientific name: Draba lactea var. lactea Adams Mém. Soc. Nat. Moscou 5: 104. (1817).
  • Synonyms:
    • Draba fladnizensis var. heterotricha (Lindblad) Ball Bull. Soc. Bot. Fr. 7: 230. (1860).


Additional Information:

  • Chromosome numbers: n = 24; 2n = 16, 48
  • Canadian status: native
  • Lifeform: perennial, caudex closely and many-branched
  • Ecology: arctic, sub-arctic, alpine: slopes, tundra, cliffs, flats, ravines, rock slides, beaches, meadows, barrens, stream banks and beds, marshes, moraine, muskeg, eskers, hummocks, polygons, snowmelt, seepage; talus, scree, rocks, sand, gravel, shale, moss