Draba nivalis

  • Scientific name: Draba nivalis Lilj. Utkast Sv. Fl.: 236. (1792).
  • Synonyms:
    • Draba nivalis var. canadica O.E. Schulz Engler, Pflanzenreich IV-105 (Heft 89): 212. (1927).
    • Draba nivalis var. nivalis Lilj. Utkast Sv. Fl.: 236. (1792).
    • Common name: snow draba or snow whitlow-grass
    • Infraspecific taxon:


Additional Information:

  • Chromosome numbers: n = 8; 2n = 16
  • Canadian status: native
  • Lifeform: perennial, caespitose, aggregate caudex branches with rosettes
  • Ecology: arctic, alpine: dry slopes, ridges, cliffs, tundra, shores, meadows, banks, boreal forest, beaches, crevices, niches, fellfield, snowbeds, seepage and bird nesting areas, domes, esker; sand, gravel, scree, shale, basalt, granite, conglomerate