The author wishes to thank the following individuals from Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC):

  • Gerry Mulligan (retired) who started the initial literature projects on poisonous plants and with whom the author has co-authored three publications on the subject including "Poisonous Plants of Canada"
  • Scientific editing was provided by Jane Buckley and Frances Smith. Any remaining errors are the responsibility of the author.
  • Guy Baillargeon who encouraged the author to start the Internet project, for continued help and ideas on computerizing this information, and for some French translations.
  • Walter Majak, Harriet Douwes and Ruth McDiarmid [who supplied the chemical diagrams], all of Kamloops Research Station, Kamloops, B.C.
  • Dr. Donna Hutchings, Microbiology, CFIA, Ottawa, Ont.
  • Debbie Metsger, Department of Botany, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ont.

French Translation:

  1. Stephen Bolcso of the Research Branch, AAFC for helping to find funding for the French translation,
  2. the translation was done by Jean-Pierre Artigau, Traductions Artigau, Inc, Alymer, Qc,
  3. finishing touches by Françoise Guilbault of Research Branch.