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Review of the genus Cosmia (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in North America, with description of a new species. J. D. Lafontaine and J. T. Troubridge. The Canadian Entomologist 135: 325-336 (2003)

Figures 1-5

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Figs. 1-5. 1, C. praeacuta, (a) Lillooet, British Columbia; (b) Williams, Oregon; (c) Lillooet, British Columbia; (d) Watch Peak, British Columbia; (e) Watch Peak, British Columbia. 2, C. epipaschia: holotype, Las Vegas, New Mexico. 3, C. elisae: (a) holotype: Junior Point, Chelan Co., Washington; (b) Frissell Point, Lane Co., Oregon; (c) Frissell Point, Lane Co., Oregon. 4, C. calami: (a) Williams, Oregon; (b) Klickitat Co., Washington. 5, C. trapazina: Finland.

Figures 6-11

Figs. 6-11. Male genitalia of Cosmia spp. 6, Valvae of C. trapezina and penis/vesica of C. affinis. 7. Valvae of C. affinis and penis/vesica of C. trapezina. 8. C. calami. 9, C. epipaschia holotype. 10, C. praeacuta. 11, C. elisae.

Figures 12-16

Figs. 12-16. Female genitalia of Cosmia spp. 12, C. affinis. 13. C. trapezina. 14. C. calami. 15, C. praeacuta. 16, C. elisae.