Bombycoidea, Drepanoidea, Lasiocampoidea, and Mimallonoidea of Canada


Part 3 of the Moths of Canada series illustrates adults of the superfamilies Bombycoidea, Drepanoidea, Lasiocampoidea, and Mimallonoidea. The Bombycoidea includes the families Saturniidae (giant silk moths) and Sphingidae (sphinx or hawk moths). These are large, often colourful moths that are popular with collectors. The Lasiocampoidea includes the family Lasiocampidae. This family includes the tent caterpillar moths (genus Malacasoma), which are major forestry pests. The Drepanoidea is a small superfamily that includes the subfamily Thyatyrinae, a group of moths often confused with the Noctuidae. Also in the Drepanoidea are moths in the subfamily Drepaninae, which are often confused with geometrids. The larvae of drepanids communicate with one another by making clicking sounds. The Mimallonoidea is a small superfamily with four North American species, two of which reach southern Ontario.

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