Reports and Publications

Toward a Biodiversity Knowledge and Innovation Network (BKIN) for Canada
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Strategic Report from Canadian Biodiversity Network Conference, Ottawa March 1-4, 2001.

  • Implementing a BKIN [February 2002]
    The need to formally "organize" the stakeholders into a "community" or "association" and how a BKIN Secretariat can manage that network, setting out the rationale for a biodiversity knowledge and innovation network and recommendations for its structure, mandate, and preliminary budget requirements.
  • The Urgent Need for a BKIN [February 2002]
    Describes the impacts already being experienced by not having a well-functioning biodiversity knowledge and innovation network. These impacts also show where a BKIN could be useful to support decision-making in these areas.
  • The Requirements for a BKIN [February 2002]
    This document indicates the infrastructure that is required to establish and maintain a strong biodiversity knowledge and innovation network.

The Biota of Canada Information Network: Documenting and Analysing Canada's Living Capital for Science and Society
Final report on the inaugural workshop of the 5NR Biota of Canada Information Network project, Ottawa March 2-3, 2000.