Data Quality

Each record in ITIS is flagged with a "Taxonomic Credibility Rating". Records that were verified by a recognized taxonomic authority and meet the standards of the ITIS Taxonomic Work Group are flagged as "Verified". Otherwise they are flagged as "Unverified".

Unverified records are to be used with caution until they are flagged verified.

For groups that contains many subordinate taxa (for example at the rank of Genus, Family, Order, or above), it is possible to see how much of the group has been verified by clicking on the number of subordinate taxa associated with the name. That figure is located at the bottom of the ITIS taxonomic hierarchy, on the left lower cell of results screens. Clicking on the figure will call a new table, showing credibility rating histograms and various counts by rank. From there, it is possible to extract lists containing only verified records, or only unverified records, or a merge of both by clicking again on the appropriate figure.